Peter Hajas

Get a Website

August 23, 2020 •  🌎📝

There's never been a better time to get a website!

Rather than speaking your mind through a centralized service, you can get your own place on the internet to share. It's much better to have your own platform for expressing yourself and sharing your passions.

  1. Get Hosted

    Hosting is inexpensive. A simple web host can cost you less than $80 US per year. You could also use a free service like GitHub Pages, but I feel most comfortable with a service I'm paying for. Be sure to check the terms of use for the service before using it. It's important to understand specifically what could cause the provider to deny you service.

  2. Make Your Site

    Webpages are written in HTML and styled with CSS. While this may seem daunting if you've never written code before, it's easy to get started. Mozilla has some good resources for learning web development. You can follow along and have a simple page up quickly.

  3. Do Your Thing

    This is the fun part! Share your passion with the world, start writing about your thoughts, ideas, and interests. Writing is really hard work (something I'm trying to work on) and having a website can be a good way to work on this important skill. I've discovered that I feel the best about my writing when I'm writing for myself. Writing the type of stuff I would like to read. This is better than whatever will get the most points on an aggregator or social site.

Now is a great time to get a website! If you make your own site, please write to me.