Peter Hajas



The Simulation Hypothesis and Entropy

buzzert recently shared some thoughts on the Simulation Hypothesis. I’d like to expand on this, and offer another reason why our reality may exist.

The Simulation Hypothesis is frustratingly likely. I am confident that we will one day simulate our ancestors (and have already done so in crude ways with computer games). If that’s possible, it’s very likely that we’re not the first simulated reality. We’re probably thousands of realities deep. It’s simulations all the way down.

I hate claims that are not falsifiable. They’re impossible to argue against. There are many “scientific” claims about our planet that are not falsifiable due to the lack of a second earth. Perhaps one day we can run simulations of “second earth” scenarios to prove or disprove these claims1. It seems like the simulation hypothesis is falsifiable (we’ve unintentionally tried to falsify it). If I were trying to prove we didn’t live in a simulation, I’d look for attributes I would expect of a base reality:

I would not want us to prove we live in a simulation. Causing an exception to be thrown, or bumping our universe’s ranking in some parent reality’s version of top, would draw attention. Some parent reality human (PRH) sysadmin in parent reality may restart the process or run garbage collection. It’s possible this already happened in the past and led to cataclysmic events (such as the Great Flood).

I think our simulation was built as a way to escape entropy for the PRHs. Entropy is the anticlimactic end to the material universe. It’s a lukewarm heat death of nebulas of nothing - the cosmos idling a bit above 0 kelvin. If the PRHs’ computers are fast enough, they can simulate reality (at a less-accurate resolution) faster than real-time. This would let them escape the inevitability of entropy. The PRHs can buy themselves time - in a less-accurate representation of the universe - by placing themselves in our reality. They would need to exist in our reality to outrun entropy and perpetuate their existence. Perhaps the PRHs are the “UAP” phenomena.

Thanks for reading. If you found this interesting, please write about your thoughts on the Simulation Hypothesis.

  1. Perhaps our reality helps examine claims in parent reality. ↩︎