Hi everyone,

I'm hard at work on my two (yes! two!) research projects for the Spring 2011 semester. Both of them are iOS related, no surprises there, and one of them you've heard of. The other one's pretty new, but just as important.

The first, which I've worked on before, is MobileNotifier.

As you can read on this blog, MobileNotifier is an open source iOS notification system that aims to be better than Apple's lackluster implementation.

MobileNotifier went through a lot of progress last semester, and I aim to continue that progress this semester too. We've already had two beta releases (Awesome Apple Jacks and Bountiful Bran Flakes) and the third release is being worked on as I type this (well, it's in TextMate, so I guess it's a cmd-tab away). I plan the following improvements this semester:

  • Push notification support

  • Vastly improved user interface. We have a user interface designer, Kyle Adams, working with me onMobileNotifier, and I couldn't be happier about it. I've posted a mockup of Kyle's work below, and you can see he's got a keen eye for design.

  • Better integration with the operating system

  • Smoother look and feel

  • Mac connectivity (more on this in a future post!)

and more! This semester will really "round out" MobileNotifier, and make it much more usable, bringing it into a real product state. At that point, I will submit it to a Cydia repository.

Here's a mockup, done by Kyle Adams, of what the new MobileNotifier will look like:

MobileNotifier mockup by Kyle Adams

(image copyright Kyle Adams, all rights reserved)

The other project I'm working on is something that I'm also very passionate about. It's an open source iOS widgeting system called Widge.

Widge is a project that's been in the planning and design phases for quite some time. I'm working on it with my colleague and friend, Dustin Howett. It currently adds a home page to SpringBoard, and it will later have support for loading widgets from NSBundles. Expect more news on this soon!

This is what I'll be working on. I'm excited to let you all play with it!

Leave your throughts in the comments!