If you didn't see, I gave a talk on MobileNotifier recently. You can watch it here.

I'm hard at work every chance I get making MobileNotifier better. If you missed it, a week or so ago I shipped the alpha1 release of MobileNotifier, which was pretty awesome.

I'm working at getting this up-to-snuff for alpha2. Alerts already look a lot better, and after some usability testing, I think I'm going to do multi-line alerts (one line for header, another for alert text) to make the alerts as easy to read at-a-glance as possible.

I plan to release alpha2 before this Friday, where I will be giving my second presentation on MobileNotifier. Look for some exciting progress!

Also, MobileNotifier is (and always has been) open source! The code is available here and I recommend cloning it, forking it, pulling it, pushing it, and doing most other things, provided it's legal in the contiguous United States.

I look forward to updating all of you on the status of MobileNotifier.