Hi everybody!

Wow! Since my last post, I was featured all over the internet for MobileNotifier beta3! I was mentioned on Engadget, Gizmodo, Redmond Pie and last (but certainly not least!) WIRED, among many many others! Thanks for all this awesome press!

So, moving forward, what am I looking at bringing to MobileNotifier next?

Here is a blueprint of what's coming:

  • Sound fixes for users reporting duplicate sound issues and other problems. I'm working as hard as I can to fix these sound problems.

  • biteSMS support for users that have requested it for QuickReply.

  • QuickReply support provided internally for replying to your messages immediately.

  • Significantly less obtrusive alerts - living in the statusbar instead of over the view. Kyle Adams and I have been working very hard on this.

  • Brand new lockscreen view - with alert previews and everything!

  • 3.x compatibility fixes. I want older devices to run this - it's made for everybody!

  • And more! Tons of bugfixes and fixed issues.

Stay tuned here and on my Twitter account @peterhajas for updates!

One more thing: what's the ETA? As soon as it's done. I want to make sure there are no bugs with the new issues before I ship out a release.

If you're curious about Widge updates - especially everybody who emailed me about WidgeKit and developing widgets - stay tuned! Big news is coming soon!